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Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette


Entre 2002 et 2015, Pousse-Pousse a proposé une cuisine haute-vitalité biologique et végétarienne, sans gluten, parfois vegan et parfois crue.
Plus que le premier restaurant et bar à jus du genre, Pousse-Pousse était un lieu de rencontre, un endroit où l’on échangeait des adresses et des bons tuyaux autour de petits plats rapides, vraiment délicieux et très très sains, et bourrés de superlatifs. La cuisine qu'on y dégustait a fait entre autres son apparition au menu du Plaza Athénée grâce à la reconnaissance d'Alain Ducasse.

Pousse-Pousse closed its doors in 2015, after twelve years of fresh juices and super-bowls. Our focus was on high-vitality food, an organic and vegetarian style of cooking, easy to do with a bit of anticipation and the right equipment. It only takes a few days for its effects to show : you have more energy, you sleep better, various aches vanish, your friends are handsomer, your bank account is inexplicably overflowing, and someone is taking liberties with the texts on your website. A pleasure to eat before all, it's also antioxidant, anti-weight and anti-stress. Wheatgrass juices detox us from modern life and put up atop our physical abilities. Fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juices are incomparably nutritive as well as tasteful. Sprouted seeds help us digest and re-balance the negative effects of our addictions (sugar, fat, sauces, tobacco, etc.) and — cherry on top (on top of a cake that is, because cake there always is, high-vitality food is not a sect!) — they help us lose weight. Add to that superfoods, kings of nutritional wealth, that can be easily included to any kind of preparation.

Our cooking — a definitely modern one, energy efficient and tasteful — was based on organic products which bio-vitality in our plates was as high as could be. Its flavours were inspired by multiple cultures around the world and it was prepared raw or cooked at low temperatures as often as possible. Each day, Pousse-Pousse served raw and cooked soups, a cooked "super bowl", a large mixed salad, a creative "raw plate" (all raw pizza, falafel patties, burgers…) as well as desserts such as our famous spicy raw chocolate cake, raw ice creams, flavorful panna cotta and many more. Even the cooked options included raw sauces, seed crackers dehydrated at a very low temperature and superfoods : all the good stuff to boost you. We cooked everything without gluten, milk products or eggs, but with our stomachs wide open and very high standard tastebuds…
Beyond our plates (yep, there IS a beyond), Pousse-Pousse was a place for meeting people, exchanging tips and addresses around fast, truely scrumptious and super healthy meals, also packed with superlatives.